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Image Gallery Pro Features
  General Features
Easy-to-use, intuitive HTML administration interface allows you to administer the product from any location with web access.
Written for Microsoft's powerful .NET platform.  Image Gallery Pro is written in ASP.NET/VB.NET.
Free installation and free technical support.  The software is purchased for a one-time fee and technical support is included with the purchase.
Multiple Users --  Image Gallery Pro is licensed based on the number of users.  Each user can create an unlimited number of galleries.  Each user's data is independent of all other users in the system.
Operates as an image gallery, photo gallery, multi-media gallery, eCard Software and more. 
  Category Features
Supports an unlimited number of categories and one level of sub-categories
Individual categories can be de-activated at any time so they are not displayed
Categories can be set to display during specific months.  This is useful for holiday-specific categories
Supports 5 optional fields for storing additional data for each category
  Gallery Features
Multiple Galleries  --  Image Gallery Pro supports an unlimited number of galleries per user.  Each gallery can have a different look and feel.
Membership Option to limit or require membership in order to gain access to a gallery.  Members are organized into Membership Types which can have limited eCard send capabilities.
Full customization of the look and feel using Templates, Header, Footer, Style Sheets and Javascript
Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL's
Includes a search option for searching all categories and files
Option to disable Right Click to prevent people from easily downloading your files.  The right-click message is defined within each gallery
  File Features
Automatic upload of files, no need to ftp.  Our built-in image browser and image upload tool greatly simplifies uploading files.  Image Gallery Pro can also place text over top of the image such as a copyright statement.
Auto Thumbnails  -- When uploading an image file, Image Gallery Pro will automatically create the thumbnail image.
Option to set individual images as active or inactive so that they are not displayed in the gallery
Images can be assigned to multiple categories
5 Optional Fields for storing additional information about the image
Bulk Import option for importing all images that were uploaded to the "import" folder.  Thumbnails are automatically created as the files are imported.
Option for users to rate images, add comments to images, or view all images in a category as a slide show.
  eCard Features
Includes option to import 450 starter pictures for setting up an eCard gallery.  Click here for information on importing the starter pictures into a specific gallery.
Option to send to multiple recipients (up to 5).
Option to schedule an eCard to be sent in the future.  (Additional license required)  eCards can be scheduled up to 2 years in advance.
Option to send eCard directly in an HTML email message or to send a notification containing a link to the eCard
Option to define the template for the eCard in order to fully customize the look and feel of your eCards.
Option to restrict members to sending a specific number of eCards during a specific period of time.
  Reporting and Exporting Features
Option to view eCards that were sent
Option to view future eCards that are waiting to be sent
Option to export all member data to Excel or a CSV file
Option to export eCard email addresses for both senders and recipients
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