3 Piano ABRSM Exam Tips To Help You Score On Exam Day!

Everyone feels nervous for the piano ABRSM exams. Even when I was at grade 8, I was still nervous. I just learnt how to deal with the nerves very well. However, it is not just a matter of self persuasion. There are concrete tips to help you achieve that as well. Here are the best tips to help you score fantastically for your piano ABRSM exams!

First of all, always have a mock exam. There is no exception to this rule. You must have a mock exam. Other than just practising leisurely incessantly, you want to set up a mock exam with your teacher. A good piano teacher in Singapore will definitely carry out a few mock exam sessions with you throughout the year. The reason for doing this is to make yourself mentally prepared about what will happen on the actual day.

Second of all, you want to try to play in front of people other than your teacher or parents. Chances are, if you take home piano lessons, both your teacher and parents will be around all the time during the lessons. Therefore, you want to practise in front of people you are not familiar playing the piano in front of. For example, there are many schools in Singapore which has a public piano for use. You can even play your exam pieces there. It will feel awkward. That is the whole point of this tip. You want to feel as awkward as you can now, so that nothing will make you feel weird or out of place during the actual examination.

Third of all, always drink warm or hot drinks only before the examination. Do not drink cold drinks. Also, always wear a jacket and err on the side of keeping yourself too warm. The reason for this is because piano ABRSM exam rooms tend to be overly cold. This means that if you feel cold while playing the pieces, your fingers may tend to either freeze up or you might shiver – both of which will only affect your playing negatively. It will also affect your confidence. Additionally, if you feel cold and shiver, you may not sing as well during the aural exam too!